Saturday, October 27, 2007

FREE: Who Doesn't Like Free Popcorn?

While I wouldn't recommend eating this all in one sitting (remember, people, carmelized popcorn does not constitute your daily servings of vegetables!) hungry people have the opportunity to munch away on some of life's less nutritious food groups: popcorn with chocolate and sugar. Yum!

First, for the free popcorn, try Dale and Thomas Popcorn. For a $2.95 per bag S&H fee, you can get up to two 5-cup bags of popcorn snack (Chocolate Chunk 'n' Caramel/Cinnamon Creme Drizzlecorn or Chocolate Chunk 'n' Caramel/Butter Toffee & Walnut Crunch). So, while the S&H fee does keep this from being truly free, I'm willing to give it a shot and try this out. This is a "limited time only" offer -- vaguely put so we have no idea when it ends.

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